Sunday, March 29, 2009

What are you passionate about?

Thank you Christine for this award! See Christine's amazing work by clicking on her name on the sidebar. I'm supposed to list 7 things I'm passionate about:
1: I LOVE working with clay, especially sculpture. It's the ultimate in playing in mud.
2: I LOVE working with silk dyes. The dyes on fibers are amazingly beautiful and the way the dyes flow along the fabric is a joy to work with.
3: I LOVE oil painting. Although very time consuming, it is a rewarding medium to work in.
4: I love being surrounded by beauty, or making everything around me beautiful. Unfortunately I have a lot of clutter in my environment right now, but there is color everywhere around me.
5. I love animals, especially cats and dogs.
6. I am passionate about being curious, learning, questioning.
7. Travel. Although I don't do as much anymore, however when I did, I enjoyed meeting people.
Today and yesterday I was able to be productive. Even with the itchy hives, I managed to make "sample" silk paintings for teaching silk. One is a small piece done only with black dye for the "Oops! I only have black dye!" challenge and the other is a piece on the differences between colors mixed with black and not mixed with black.


Sheila said...

Yay you!!!! So well deserved my friend... HUGS!!!

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