Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing to post

My computer crashed, I'm struggling with the new one, I've lost my email addys, files, and bookmarks, I broke out in hives, rodents chewed up the wires in my car, oh least it's interesting. And I really can't complain compared to the blizzards, the floods, and all the other stuff going on in the world.

On the other hand, I taught my first class at Chastain Arts Center Tuesday and we had fun. The students did some wonderful paintings and a fun "learn color mixing" scarf. Next week we have a "use only black dye" challenge. And other fun lessons.

All is blooming here in Atlanta (yes, acchooo, too!) and absolutely beautiful (acchoo again!).


Christine's Arts said...

Wow, talk about the "good" news and the "bad" news. You are really going through it. Sorry to hear that. I hope this cheers you up. I am giving you the passion for painting award! because I love your scarves and your style. come on over to my site and pick it up.

r garriott said...

Oh! My sincere symapthies. There is nothing quite like the awfulness of having one's computer go down and having to begin again.

Your silk work is exquisite!!!