Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is why I don't have a social life anymore...

So many works in progress, so many mediums I work in. Is this a good thing? But I can't help myself, I like them all, including clay. Silk painting collages, fiber arts, wearable arts, oil paintings....all waiting for me to finish them. I've run out of room in my house...oh well, at least I'm having a great time creating!

The way I work, I have a general idea and once the background is started or the base is created, I let the piece sit for a while (sometimes 6 months or more!), work on it a little, let it sit some more, more ideas come, work on it a little more, let it sit some more, and more's a slow process but I've never been able to pre-sketch and do a piece from start to finish in one setting. It never comes out interesting that way. I have to let the piece "grow and ferment and age, like good wine and cheese" and let the work tell me what to do next.

Background for an acrylic painting/collage. Boiled wool white jacket with hand dyed wool/silk yarns and hand dyed silk/rayon velvet. Embroidered hand dyed silk fabric landscape.

Silk dyed and stretched on frame waiting for gutta resist lines and more dyeing. Layers and layers of acrylic medium and paints and fiber.
I just built a frame for a larger sized scarf. I literally have no place to put it right now. These pics are only a fraction of wht I'm working on. Better finish some stuff soon!
Off the computer, and back to work.


Sheila said...

Wow! Maybe you can start charging admission for your museum/workshop of all things beautiful! Good for you!

May said...

Hellenne, you have been a really busy artist these days. Such a beautiful work you do in any medium you use. I really love your color sense.