Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Night Dream oil painting

Night Dream
oil on canvas
detail of Night Dream
oil on canvas

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fool in Silk

"Fool" 24" x 36" was made for our fiber group's "It's All In The Cards" exhibit
this September at The Art Place in Mountain View in North Metro Atlanta.

My card picked was the Joker, and instead of a literal translation
I did an abstract depicting the foolishness, the naivety
 the there are no limitations in life,
and just go swirling around into the unknown aspects of the "Fool" in the Tarot Card.

A few of the circular motifs actually turn.
It's supposed to be a fun piece.
Nothing serious. 
24" x 36"
silk, acid dyes, embroidery threads
mounted on stretched canvas


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three Silks for Mini SPIN Festival

These three works are at the Mini SPIN (silk painters international) Festival in Tallahassee, Florida, this week.
Tree With Moon
Silk dyes on silk crepe de chine
wax etched
embellished with French knots

Autumn Tree
Wax etching silk dyes on silk
embellished with French knots
mounted on silk dupioni

detail of Autumn Tree

Koi Fish With Plants
silk with acid dyes
embellished with embroidery
mounted on silk dupioni

Procion MX dyeing on cotton/linen fabric

I've decided to dye linen/cotton with Procion MX dyes using soda ash and do some experiments to see if I like this process. Below are four pics of my first attempt at ice cube dyeing. It's on linen/cotton rough weave medium to heavy weight. The colors aren't as strong or bright as  I had hoped, so next time I will sprinkle more dye.
This one has "freckles" where the dye powder did not get as wet and just sat on the surface of the fabric.

Ice cube dyeing is putting ice cubes on top of the fabric and sprinkling dyes on top.
The cubes slowly melt moving dyes around and the dyes strike at different
times as it hits the fabric.

There is a spot where the dye powder was still dry on the fabric and did not get wet.

Below is a hexagon clamp resist piece and leftover dyes were used. The darker spots are navy dye that had a lot of Superclear in it which was hard to rinse out. It back-dyed on some areas.

Below is a hexagon folded but not clamped piece using leftover dyes again. Both the one above and this one had intense dye on them (not as diluted) so the colors are more brilliant. Both are the same medium to heavy weight rough weave linen/cotton fabric.

Using the navy mixed with SuperClear (not straight solution but 50/50 with water) I stenciled onto the same fabric. It was hard to get the dye all the way through at first. Notice how light some areas are where I didn't continue to rub the stencil brush over and over.

Dye didn't go all the way through the stencil. Light areas can be seen here.

The Superclear was hard to wash out and I wanted to see if I wasn't careful how much would dye-back onto the fabric as can be seen below. I may try rice paste or some other medium to stencil with.

Back-dyed spots on the right hand side.

Back-dyed spots.

The reverse side of this medium to heavy weight linen/cotton fabric didn't get dyed as well. Needed to work the dye through the stencil some more.

Friday, August 9, 2013

aprons, aprons, aprons .... potholders

My daughter requested aprons as gifts for her bridesmaids. I needed to make 7 plus one for her. Twelve plus reversible aprons later.... my OCD is forcing me to continue making them! Help!

They are all completely reversible, pockets on both sides, adjustable buttonholes, faux piping on the straps.
They have been fun to make.... and the scraps became 9 plus funky potholders. I love the running silhouettes fabric.
And the lobster print! And the deviled eggs print... so much fun but enough is enough.