Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parts of a garment being silk dye painted

These are the front/back and left/front sides of a short kimono in crepe de chine. The sleeves will be done next, along with the front collar pieces. Then steamed, etc, etc. Hope it turns out! Never have done a large garment piece before. Two plastic sawhorses with wooden stretchers taped to them are holding up the larger frame. It's taking up my entire living room at the moment. I'm running out of space in the house, so I think I'll throw out more furniture :)
If you click on the pics, they will enlarge. Once I get the main wisteria blooms painted, and then the vines and leaves, I'll probably add more to these panels. The background was mottle-dyed in a very light dusty lavender color so that my gutta lines wouldn't be stark white.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More sample testing

Sorry about the crease lines, but the top one was a practice piece using only black dye and water. The bottom one was done watching 4 hours of Miss Marple on PBS.

Testing design possibilities

Just seeing how far I can layer the gingko leaf before I lose its image.

Something old

Here's a recycled table I painted a sea turtle on with acrylics. It was about 12 years ago I did this.
I painted this from a photo and I have no idea why the back legs don't show, but this is what the photo looked like. The painting is holding up still because of several coats of clear coat.

What I've been working on.

I finally had a moment to load the camera software, so here are some pics of a few things I've been working on. The first is a test for a little pouch, hoping the patterns will match if I did it right. It'll get sewn up with a lining. Then a throw pillow that hasn't been sewn up yet and a yellow peony scarf. All the beautiful greens and flowers blooming right now is obviously influencing my color choices.