Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wisteria silk dyed kimono

This is the back view of the silk dyed wisteria kimono. It's done on crepe de chine, outlined with gutta, dyed and steam set. These larger silk fabric pieces required new PVC pipe frames to be made and moving around furniture to make room for the frames. During the process, although time consuming, it was just fun to dye the silk and I couldn't wait to finish the four pieces of fabric that make up this garment. I sewed and lined it with purchased silk habotai in a light bronze-ish color. Tinfix acid silk dye was used for this piece. To my eyes, the Tinfix dyes seem to be more brilliant than the Jacquard dyes even though Tinfix requires at least 3 hours of steaming. (Jacquard requires much less). I am looking forward to creating more wearable art garments of the silk dyed type in the near future, but first, I think I'll get rid of some more furniture to make room for the frames. As of now, the dining room and dining table is not for eating anymore, and I may have to take over the carport which I use for wax resist. The deck already gets used for background dyeing.

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