Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silk dyed peony pillow

I don't know why but I've suddenly started doing peonies. Maybe it's because the peony plant I had for several years seems like it's not going to come out of the ground this year due to my neglect. I saw some at the plant nursery, was tempted to get one, but decided I should wait until I read up on how to care for one first. This was a fun little pillow to silk dye paint, and a "happy" one. Seems like I had been doing some darker colors and needed to do some brighter colors, such as the wisteria kimono jacket. Maybe I need to lay off the black dye for a bit.

The yellow large silk crepe de chine scarf work in progress has peonies, also. This time the background was dyed a brilliant yellow (for some reason--who knows why I paint certain colors. It's usually what mood or feeling I'm in at the moment.) and the subsequent colors I put on the silk mix with the yellow dye. At this point I'm not sure if I'll fill in more of the background or not. You can faintly see more leaves that have been drawn with gutta resist. It's another bright "happy" scarf.


Judy Mackey said...

I love the pillow - I'd like to buy it!!
I love peonies too - I guess it's that Asian blood in me. I had one big peony bloom this year but the rains pushed it's poor head into the ground. It's hard to grow them here in Texas because we don't get the cold - but I get maybe one or two blooms every other year or so...

Sheila said...

Wow... peonies are my favorite flower. Subarashii!!!