Monday, August 9, 2010

Silk Painters International Conference in Santa Fe, NM

Sunset in Santa Fe

And below right, the amazing silk artist Lee Zimmerman paints behind the silk "screen."
Two of my kimono jackets in the fashion show


May said...

Hellenne, that photo of the sky in Santa Fe is like a painting. Breath takingly beautiful! Don't you wish you could live there? Congratulations for presenting your garments in a fashion show. As always, your paintings are just lovely.


Unknown said...

May! It's so good to hear from you again! I hope you're doing great. Still knitting those amazing garments?
Yes, Santa Fe was MUCH cooler than here in Atlanta. We can't even go outdoors because of the smog alert. And thank you for the congratulations. The other garments were amazing.

Mandi said...

Hellenne, thanks for the comment on my blog...I've now found you, too! I wish I had stayed for the conference. I will definitely do so next time. It was such a great location and class. Santa Fe was lovely. It's really hot here in TX, too. Overwhelmingly so!