Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing in action?

No, just needed to rest after the summer camp week, clean the house (lots of clay everywhere), do volunteer work, clean, clean, clean to switch the table over to silk dye painting, and a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Sea creatures are soooo strange but soooo inspiring for art. My favorite? CUTTLEFISH! And giant squid. And giant octupus. And cod. Finally touched a starfish. Yuk. The ray was much nicer to "pet."

I have been carving tiny round clay pieces while sitting in front of the TV and "resting." I'm loving these little clay pieces, all inspired by one student's roundish "bead" she made in camp. The plan is to make them into necklaces or combine them with fiber.
Back to cleaning and decluttering so I can get back to work.

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Sheila said...

Boy you've been busy! I love these beads. They look so organic like you found them at the beach. I especially like the one with the swirl in the middle bottom.